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The Idaho Telecom Alliance's mission is to support the advancement of its members, to collectively share ideas and to promote services to rural telecommunications subscribers throughout Idaho.

The Idaho Telecom Alliance (ITA), formerly the Idaho Telephone Association, was formed in 1984 as the voice of rural telephone providers throughout the state of Idaho.  In 2008, the Idaho Telephone Association changed its name to the Idaho Telecom Alliance to reflect not only the advances in the telecommunications industry but also the spirit of teamwork and collaboration that exists between the members.  The ITA is the leading advocacy group for independent telecommunications companies in Idaho.

The ITA consists of 13 independent local exchange telephone companies located or operating in the state of Idaho. These companies, located mainly in rural communities in central and southern Idaho, have provided local telephone service in their communities for decades (some for over a century). Many of our companies are family or member owned and operated. All are dedicated to supporting and expanding the economic viability of their communities and to enhancing the educational and business opportunities available to community members.

ITA members consistently make local investments that provide access for rural Idaho to state-of-the-art telecommunications services. ITA members provide a variety of services to their customers, including high speed internet (via fiber, copper, and wireless), basic local telephone service, long distance service, cellular phone service, and digital television. Our members allow rural customers to receive cutting edge technology solutions from local businesses they know and trust.








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  • Our companies average 77 years in business in Idaho with the oldest being a family-owned company that has been operating in Idaho since 1905.

  • Almost all of our companies are either family-owned and operated businesses or community-owned cooperatives.

  • We employ over 350 Idahoans.  Many of our employees have been with us for decades and we often have multiple generations within a family working for our companies.

  • Our companies spend over $20 Million annually in payroll costs to Idaho employees with an average wage of $55,000 per employee.

  • Our companies serve 129 Idaho towns or cities and over 40,000 Idaho customers.

  • Our companies cover approximately 42,000 square miles of service territory in Idaho.

  • We have almost 5,600 route miles of fiber optic cable in the ground in Idaho.

  • Our capital expenditures average $28 Million annually.

  • Our companies serve more than 136 Idaho schools, 185 rural health facilities, 48 community libraries and 265 state and local government offices.


TruLeap Technologies (formerly Filer Mutual) provides local and long distance telephone, cellular, web hosting, networking, and Internet service in Idaho.

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