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WTA Requests Temporary Waiver of March 1 HUBB Portal Filing Requirement
On February 17, WTA filed a petition for temporary waiver or extension of the HUBB Portal filing requirements for recipients of ACAM and CAF-BLS funding. WTA is under the impression that the requirements for filing broadband locations in the HUBB Portal are subject to OMB review under the Paperwork Reduction Act and that it is not yet […]
USTelecom Statement on Net Neutrality Legislation

USTelecom reiterates its support for legislation to clarify open internet principles. 


Background: Today, Senate Democrats held a press briefing with online advocates to discuss the future of net neutrality legislation.

The following statement is from USTelecom President & CEO Jonathan Spalter:

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Inland Telephone Company

Inland Telephone is owned and operated by Western Elite Incorporated Services of Roslyn, Washington and provides telecommunications services to several remote Idaho communities.

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Welcome to Idaho Telecom Alliance

The Idaho Telecom Alliance's mission is to support the advancement of its members, to collectively share ideas and to promote services to rural telecom subscribers throughout Idaho.

The Idaho Telecom Alliance (ITA), formerly the Idaho Telephone Association, was formed in 1984 as the voice of rural telephone providers throughout the state of Idaho.  In 2008, the Idaho Telephone Association changed its name to the Idaho Telecom Alliance to reflect not only the advances in the telecommunications industry but also the spirit of teamwork and collaboration that exists between the members.  The ITA is the leading advocacy group for independent telecommunications companies in Idaho.

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